Services for the Adult Patient

Adults consult us for a wide range of vision enhancement advice. Here are a few recent examples:

  • "I want an optometrist who listens to me and spends time to understand my needs."
  • "My eyes get tired when I'm on the computer - even with my new glasses."
  • "I repeatedly have to re-read sentences, so I get fed up reading."
  • "My mother developed disease of the retina, can I do anything to prevent it?"
  • "My right eye has always 'been lazy'; can I learn to control it?"  (See 'lazy eye')
  • "I have difficulty parking the car!"
  • "I have been tired and confused ever since suffering a stroke."
  • "I would like to have the best possible vision with my new glasses."

We drive more, we spend longer on the computer, we are bombarded with advertising, with noise and with movement. 

We have much higher demands on our vision than ever before.  A brain-eye system that works well will protect us from the stress and strain of these new challenges.  Efficient vision will give us more energy and interest and help us meet our new goals in life.

                            Vision testing for Adults

Our vision testing includes all the expected tests of sight and eye health (e.g. glaucoma tests and retinal health assessment) plus dynamic tests of how your eyes work together to give strong awareness, energy and coordination.  We expect to spend forty minutes on each consultation, but if you suspect you may need longer do speak to the reception team.

Owen Leigh recommends all adults be tested every two years even if they have no sight difficulty or family history of eye disease.