Our team of therapists work directly with patients following the programme prescribed by the optometrists. Parents will accompany child patients so that they can learn how to promote vision development with the daily home programme. The therapists will advise on all aspects of the therapy including routines for practice, reward schemes and how best to develop and keep motivation.


 Our Therapy Team (l to r) Helen Harris, Sally Lucas, Carolyn Carter

Sally Lucas and Carolyn Carter are amongst the most experienced therapists throughout the UK. They continue to develop new techniques and approaches to help all our patients. Helen Harris started training with us in 2013 and is now fully trained in our standard VT curricular care. Each of our therapists share their great enthusiasm and exceptional care and work as a team to provide the very highest quality of support.

We use Vision Therapy to help the student learn to focus visual attention. Visual attention must be flexible, its character should change for each task we are doing. This needs learning through positive (successful) experience.

We emphasise movement activities to provide feedback on each student's attention skills. Some of these movement activities can also enhance the combining of language and vision, which is crucial in taming dyslexia.

Once students have learnt to focus their visual attention we help them develop their skills in sharing attention, which is crucial for learning. E.g. with writing skills, working memory is used to hold the sentence while monitoring sequence, spelling, neatness and layout. They then begin to remember more of what they have written and learning becomes easier.

Vision Therapy is a progressive learning process, appropriate to students of all ages. Our emphasis is not to train deficient skills but to develop the processes that underlie those abilities.

We start by reinforcing visual awareness and movement awareness, add in spatial and timing before gradually increasing complexity to encourage changes in 'Executive Functioning'.

Students may choose to take breaks through our therapy curriculum (e.g. after seven months of therapy) or to extend their commitment to meet new objectives. It is preferable for young students to return for high level skills at age 12-14yrs.

To contact our therapy team please email: visiontherapy@owenleighoptometry.co.uk