Owen Leigh is the most experienced Developmental/Behavioural Optometrist in the UK.

He established The Vision Therapy Clinic in 1994 to meet the particular needs of children and adults with Specific Learning Difficulties. He now works with a wide range of complex vision difficulties assisting physiotherapists, psychologists and specialist teachers (amongst others).  This has resulted in a wide range of assessment and enhancement techniques.



Sophie Rose joined the practice in 2013. She has always had an interest in Learning Related Vision Problems (her graduate thesis studied the effect of colour on eye movements). She has been an Accredited Behavioural Optometrist since 2001.

Sophie's Specialities within the practice are

  • Enhancement of Visual Attention for Reading & Writing
    • Lens Prescriptions & Vision Therapy
  • Visual Perceptual Processing Difficulties
    • Assessment & Therapy
  • Autistic Spectrum and Dyslexia

Sophie lives in Hampshire with her husband and daughter, cat and rabbits. When she is not working (which is rare!) she enjoys cooking, sailing, gardening and visual perceptual puzzles and tricks!

The clinic has established a referral network with knowledgable and experienced practitioners in a number of disciplines, so that 'vision and life care' can be individualised to each patient's needs.

Owen Leigh gained his BSc(Hons) in Optometry at City University in 1981. He is a founder member and past chairman of The British Association of Behavioural Optometrists (BABO). He was also chairman of the Education Committee of BABO from 2002-8.  He has been a keynote speaker and discussion leader in a number of international conferences. 

Owen Leigh achieved Fellowship (through examination) of BABO in 2007 and is the appointed lecturer in Learning Related Vision Difficulties.