Don't let myopia restrict your thinking!

Myopia causes blurred sight at distance, so that lenses are needed in order to drive or to read from the board.

However, it is also a brain adaptation to develop strong powers of concentration.  Myopes are clever at shutting out unwanted information and ignoring stress and fatigue.  In fact, myopes are pretty clever at most things and as a group achieve very well in school.
On the down-side myopes can become over-stressed, can have difficulties with eye-hand skills and with spatial judgements.  It is these aspects that we at Owen Leigh Optometry focus on. 

It may be helpful to wear lower-powered glasses for part of the day.  Performance glasses allow one to have a heightened discernment over a larger viewing field.  But most of all, they help a patient gain awareness, comprehension, and insight*.

Vision Therapy might be chosen to improve eye-hand coordination, reduce stress or maybe to reduce the need for glasses.

*thanks to Dr John Streff for years of education and insight provided in this area of vision enhancement.