Here's a real chance to change perception and to find your hidden self!

Strabismus (squint) and Amblyopia (lazy eye) result from visual development that is highly individual.  There may be a genetic influence.  These visual adaptations are extremely complex and often they are amazingly efficient for the person's view of the world.

Strabismus does not cause learning difficulties unless there is double vision. Double vision is rare in Strabismus because in most cases Strabismus develops to simplify spatial judgements and avoid visual confusion.  

Our challenge in treating Strabismus is to produce a visual process (and perception) that is more reliable that the current adaptation.  Then the individual will begin to use this in preference even if it does take more effort. 

Because of these challenges very few clinics provide the intensive therapy required for the treatment of the common types of strabismus. Indeed here at Owen Leigh we usually aim for improved spatial and eye-hand abilities rather than perfect binocular integration.

Aims of treatment:
 - Clear perception of space and distance.
 - Strong eye-hand skills (ball skills, sports, driving).
 - Extending stereo vision (3D) if evident at one position of view.
 - Avoiding reliance on strong glasses.
 - Treating Amblyopia with shorter periods of patching.
 - And occasionally, teaching the adult/child to aligne the eyes at all distances.